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Big Dell's Long Lunches

And what a long lunch it was!

Our first events of the 2017/18 Summer Season went off with a literal BANG! After months of planning and scheduling everything was of course completed at the eleventh hour but we are proud to say these were our best events yet.

While the day flew by in a whirl for us (because unfortunately we still had to work), we managed a successful partnership between Wendell Sailor, Bryan Fletcher, Darren Lockyer, Jonathan Thurston, Wayne Bennett, Wingman Larger, Lottoland and the Ellavation Foundation. All brought together through their mutual love and experiences in sport, not only was the conversation wildly entertaining, it was LEGEND-DARY

A big thank you to all of our Sponsors (in no particular order) Sushi Izu, Krispy Kreme, Wine Selectors, Betta Electrical, Jetts Fitness, Wingman Larger, Ingham Myers Hotels, Ryde Parramatta Golf Club & Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club who contributed to each events overwhelming success!

Here’s a sneak peak at the events!

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