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5 Reasons why print is still essential to your marketing campaigns

We hear word on the street is that print is a dying medium, that digital is the way to go and that we should never look back.

Well we think you should be looking back. There is something inherently traditional and trustworthy about branded print collateral. It speaks to the dedication of the brand and the commitment to the values and messages you trust to put into print.

Here are our top 5 reasons that print is still essential

1.Print tells a story. There is no other way to physically present the evolution of a brand over time than comparing print products over a long period. Print tells more of a story of current trends and aesthetics than any other medium.

2. Be original. There are few ways companies can present themselves originally and print is one of the unique mediums where just about any idea no matter how far-fetched can be achieved (especially if you work with us). In print, there are endless alterations you can make not limited to just colour, stock, finishes and binding. Some truly creative and unique results can be produced just from thinking slightly outside of the box. After all, print appeals to the senses in a way a keyboard never will. Check out these recent jobs we produced…Halloween candy bags, Cut to shape decorations and point of sale marketing collateral for Mentos.

3. Millennials love print. Whether you have a bunch of them working for you, or they are your target customer. On behalf of our clients, we oversee a wide variety of print production; while we know it’s still very popular this ‘print is dead’ misconception is a generational ideal. Why millennials like print so much? Well that leads us to our next point…

4. Print lets us unplug. Seeing that so much of our time is spent tapping away on computers, phones and tablets; print lets us walk away from anything that requires electricity to work. Whether a newspaper, magazine, catalogue or book; we still know that there are many benefits of something we can physically hold and absorb. There’s nothing quite like flipping through a big newspaper, zeroing in on an article and folding up the paper to suit you. Print allows you to oversee the situation- free of pop up ads and native advertising!!

5. Finally, print is way less likely to get lost in the sea of other marketing material. Our email inboxes are flooding with EDM’s and click-baited material, however when you hand a printed brochure/document/flyer etc to somebody, they are likely going to have a flick through it and see what it is you want them to see. Flicking through a brochure not only engages the person, the activity itself lets them focus on what they are seeing and not just mindlessly scrolling through an electronic item.

There you have it, POD’s top 5 reasons why print is in fact, not dead.

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