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How to: Maximise Work from Existing Clients

And no, I don't mean up-selling! Think in more of a genuine way.

The medium might be the message, and wouldn’t it be great if our clients actually read these blog posts! This blog takes on a business-y vibe so check out here if that’s not for you.

This week in the office, the word ‘proactive’ has been thrown around a fair bit and it’s safe to say, we are all feeling optimistic. However, as the calendar year comes to a close, we really do need to be proactive in ensuring our clients are prepared for the Christmas period and that everyone moves into the New Year relaxed.

For this reason, in the office we’ve been focussing on ensuring our fabulous existing clients needs are being met to the point that they may never want another phone call from Jason again. Calling on these warm leads has resulted in a new energy around here as well as a bunch of new jobs.

The thing is, we still have jobs sitting in our WIP that have been there for some time. Yes, this is because they are long campaigns and work heavy tasks, but it is important that our renewed energy is spent ensuring our clients feel our dedication and patience for their big projects. Keeping open lines of communication means that when something does go awry, both teams are prepared to make some noise and rectify the situation in a calm and cost effective manner. Even as we undertake re-brands and new clients, we are firmly aware and dedicated to the relationships we have with clients who have supported and trusted us through thick and thin.

If you, like us, are guilty of extending deadlines instead of pumping up the pressure, it’s time to break that habit! Ultimately, if it’s sitting in the WIP and starts looking (digitally) dusty, it’s time to revisit the project, re-strategies and inject some new energy. While it is important to constantly chase new business and ABC (always be closing), we need to remember that work should be challenging and not always dancing-on-the-tables fun!

So take this advice and start calling or emailing and check-in. After all, everyone loves a spontaneous phone call!

P.s. Christmas is 9 Fridays away, get in contact with us if you're suddenly feeling a bit behind!

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