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The Power of Good Photography

We all know that images are pretty much a pioneering digital currency and there is a certain power that comes from being able to dabble in such currency. The power of a superb photograph not only makes us look good, but it is immortalised in our clients feeds as an example of their very best goods or service.

Recently, we photographed the new menu at the Pier Hotel Botany. Not only did this venture provide us with a repertoire of styled food imagery, it provided the Publican and Chef with a collation of images each could use as evidence of their professionalism and commitment to service.

For us, having access to professionally styled, shot and edited images means we are also able to present our best work! Of course, this isn’t always a possibility and there is many an argument for why iPhone (or android) photography allows stylists to capture the magic of the moment etc. However as we build an online presence for a client, we (whenever possible) are interested in working with the very best materials.

If your budget allows, always invest in the highest quality good you can afford. Committing even 2 or 3 times a year to a professional service will reflect in your presentations.

The next important factor to consider is how you will manage, utilise and factor ROI on your new asset.

Queen Laura of Folders aka our No.1 Designer has proven to be quite the organised woman! Our office works off of a cloud and at times, things get fairly confusing when Dropbox and WeTransfer file names are copied across to the Cloud. Here comes the magic of Laura. Very efficiently, I might add, she manages folders with more folders in a very accessible way. Not only does this make our team incredibly efficient, there is no longer a need to spend minutes upon hours searching through poorly labelled folders looking for deep-etched Sashimi graphics! HALLELUJAH

Utilising quality graphics is something our whole team gets on board with. No matter if you have 26 Instagram followers (Jason) or 20k, no one wants to see a poorly lit picture of your Weetbix! So, keep it interesting, utilise a schedule and play around with your post styles and times. Whatever you do, make sure it’s worth seeing!

The only reason we endeavour into such particular pursuits as photography and then painstakingly edit the photos so that they look perfectly unedited is so that there is quantifiable ROI. We are shifting our focus to setting objectives and working to achieve them instead of “posting for the sake of posting”. Sure there are times when the algorithm changes up on us and we lurch into confusion, and sure there are times we “wing” it and find huge success. Social media really is a platform where your objectives need to be fluid and reasonable not reactionary.

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