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Bump In to the 2017 Events Season

Sydney’s Spring and Summer event seasons are coming around pretty quickly and we aren’t sure about you, but we’ve got some pretty big things planned for the Summer of 17/18. Considering we’re going heads first this season, here are our Top Five Reasons You Should Bump into the Events Scene.

  1. Everyone loves to Paaaaaarty

It is really no shocker that Aussie’s love to party and we especially love a party where an ice cold bevvie is only going to cool us down. Whether you’re planning something small or going all out, hosting a function is not only a great way to catch up with friends, but if you shift the focus business wise, you can effectively orchestrate an alcohol fuelled networking shindig! BONUS POINTS

2. It’s fun, DUH!

No matter the cause of the event (except perhaps a funeral), keep the libations flowing and the party will be-a-growing! Master your recipe for fun and if all else fails turn up the music.

3. It’s an excellent way to get your brand out there!

I suppose this point really comes down to selecting the right venue, it’s all about being in the right place and more importantly, being seen in the right place! Sure your local might keep you and your bunch happy, but when it comes to your brand, and your reputation, head to Instagram and check out locations that are popular right now. No, you won’t be a sheep, you’ll just be at the ‘in’ location.

4. It’s an important skill to have (to host that is!)

Whilst sitting at one’s desk and firing off emails is one way to pass the time, preparing for and hosting an event is a whole lot more exciting. Just think, perhaps a full day out of office!! Of course there is the small part of the bump in, where you may have to contribute some manual labour and heavy lifting, but after that it’s largely going to be directing, organising, eating and mingling.

5. Because you are reading this blog...

The absolute best reason you should organise and host an event this season (or next, we aren’t pushy) is because we are here to help! Our events team can’t wait to get in contact with you and plan your next big hurrah! Contact us at

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