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Let’s talk about the algorithm

It breaks my heart to say, but our social media has taken a stern nose dive and I just don’t know what to do. The quality, frequency and style hasn’t changed at all but my insights certainly have. Now, I understand that business to business, Facebook needs to share the love around and my posts aren’t always going to be seen at the top of my followers’ feeds. BUT COMMON, GIVE A GIRL A BREAK.

After some series internal reflection, I’ve strategised, re-energised and am hoping this was just a temporary slump (aka completely out of my control).

However, on the road to realisation, I discovered a few interesting things about ol’ Facebooks algorithm and they might just surprise you!

1. The algorithm was introduced because users were using the News Feed like an email.

I mean could you imagine? Sure this was before my time on Facebook, but I certainly wouldn’t have been impressed with such static information presented to me! Then again, I’d really like my posts to be at the top…

2. Facebook decides what’s relevant

Can you believe it? Do we now need to do FPO (Facebook Post Optimisation) in order for Facebook to find us relevant!! Doesn’t Facebook know our followers find us very interesting and humorous?

3. Keywords- the algorithm loves keywords

This was perhaps the most interesting tidbit I found. I would never think to run a Google-esque search in the Facebook Search bar, however, this is how the back end of Facebook was designed to work! Just keep this in mind when my posts and captions suddenly make no sense but are instead a bunch of calls to action that don’t relate.

4. There are ways to override the algorithm

If you’re feeling super techy and prepared to be unsatisfied, you can always spend an ungodly amount of time selecting to “see first” updates from friends and pages. While these might feature first in your News Feed, it’s not going to change the fact that any one not selected might get lost forever (we know you love that “Hold My Beer” page) #devo

5. Hide your ads

This might not change Facebooks penchant from hiding diversity from you, but it will free up some space in your feed! Now, you won’t be able to hide them all, but you can ‘see fewer ads’ that’ll hopefully reduce the amount of curious clicking taking place on sponsored posts.

Have you got any other interesting Facebook finds? Pop them in the comments section below!

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