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Why your workplace should implement goal setting.

If you look at some the most recent successful entrepreneurs, they didn’t find success simply because they had an idea, no, they found success because they thought big and never stopped thinking big. Zuckerberg’s social network could have happily existed inside Harvard social circles, but he and his team worked to dominate in a field where their product was the answer to so many networking and social demands.

No matter your career aspirations or your current job position, to achieve, you really have to follow the good old ‘go big or go home’ mentality in order to set yourself apart from the crowd. Here, goal setting might just be the trick you need to ensure every action you make, is helping steer you in a direction destined for bigger and better things.

Just as physical fatigue is partially a mental state of mind, your capacity to perform at work is only limited by your willingness to push and deliver your best possible productivity. A swift change of perspective and accountable/achievable goals means that you can clearly outline what more you want to do; and then consciously work towards improving your performance.

So for all you goal setting newbies, really, the best place to start is just by simply defining your intentions for the week. Whether you want to finish a project, gain approval on an idea or satisfy some measure of productivity, these simple goals are the ones you will reflect on and measure performance by. If you didn’t achieve them, your future goals need to either flexibly account for external influences, or you might just need a bit of a kick in your lazy you-know-where!!!

The real trick, at least for me is, that my goals need to align with my hectic weekly schedule. Where not only am I setting work goals (finish social media, work on content creation, write this blog!), but I am setting goals across all aspects of my life (make the train on time every day, don’t skip the gym, eat your oats!). While it’s a bit tricky to begin with, and also a little silly to be either mentally or physically checking off goals each day, eventually the routine of it all settles in and I get way more done than I was ever before!

Self-discipline or implementing a bit of contentious leadership is just the kind of skill that stands out in the workplace and it’s a great interpersonal skill required to ensure personal growth.

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