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The value of humour in social

While I find it almost impossible to inject a little humour into every social media post, it does sometimes help to engage your audience. Building a network of social media followers is now as much a part of marketing as it is to have a website or brochure. Humour is a tool through which your audience or followers will remember your brand; they will frequently check to see your next witty response or caption.

We find that our posts (@podmarketing Instagram) that merge funny with informative are those that have the most reach and engagement. It is important to acknowledge that humour should only be used by brands where it is appropriate and accompanied by relevant content.

Ultimately, humour evokes a strong emotional response. It allows you to inject a little bit of personality or a point of difference if you will to your social media. Content we remember is often that which is controversial, ridiculously funny or outright dangerously original. Remember though, some of your followers will connect with your brand across multiple social media channels, keep them in mind when you lazily copy your content across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn- otherwise they will quickly find your humour not all that funny.

We can’t help but laugh at some things; it’s a human reaction. I suppose the thing to seriously consider when applying humour to social media is what you want that humour to achieve. Funny will still be funny, but if it is out of place in the greater scheme of your social media presence, your followers will recognise this and their perception of your brand may be damaged.

To finish, a little bit of social media humour

"I have to breakup with you. We've connected on so many platforms—Facebook and Twitter—but I just don't feel Linkedin." - Derek Kessinger

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