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This week in the studio

Even though we often find it hard to keep an up-to-date gallery of our most recent jobs, we find it important to set aside some time and pump out a quick photography session in our studio. Not only do we use these beautiful images to display on our website, they make for great social media content and often are an aide for new customer pitches and presentations.

Here are our top five tips for curating content for your business:

  1. Pick an aesthetic! Whether it be a white background, astroturf or a footpath; keep your theme consistent so that your posts are timeless and versatile.

  2. Make sure your flat lays display your product in the best light possible. If you are shooting a white product on a white background, place a different coloured backing card behind it so the crispness of the product stands out above all else. If it doesn’t POP it isn’t worth shooting.

  3. Keep it simple and be efficient. Work in a team, curate your content and keep the styling process simple. If you are shooting content for social media, make sure that your products are clear and that potential customers are dazzled and informed.

  4. Take charge of the setting. Control the area light, flash and any other influences so that your model or content looks the best it possibly can.

  5. GET IN CLOSE. Ensure your subject is filling the frame, focus on the details and try not to waste too much space on the background. Following this tip will mean that the entirety of your image will contribute to the story and your images will pop out when they are placed together.

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