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Declutter your desk to declutter your mind

If you are anything like me, there is paper, more paper and more sticky notes covering every inch of your desk than you would care to admit. Writing something down (or printing something off) makes the task so easy to do, but that paper eventually sets up residence on prime desk real estate completely rent free and the only utility it contributes is stress!

When you think about it, the device you are reading this blog post on has the potential to make all your clutter disappear and help focus your attention to more productive pursuits.

In the age of reminders, alarms and calendars; your smart device and a few clever apps might just be the tools you need to be clutter free. Here are two apps we are currently using to make the most of our technology:

  1. WeDo

WeDo is a great task manager, offering shared to-do lists and acts as a personal task manager. WeDo allows you to assign different tasks to different employees, rate by importance, allocate duration and set reminders. If you think lists are possibly the least exciting thing ever, WeDo makes list making interactive, easy to update and simple to share. WeDo removes the post-its from your desk and organises them in an accessible platform. WeDo is a free application and is available across a variety of Apple and Android devices.

  1. Magnet

Oh how we love Magnet! Currently only available for Apple Mac, this nifty little tool easily snaps your windows into whatever size you want. Whether displaying two windows side by side, in thirds, four quarter-screens or in something a little more; Magnet allows you to work across many applications without resizing your own screens. Being able to quickly snap Outlook to the left and our production software to the right means we are a little bit more productive and for us lazy ones- save a bit of paper rather than printing 80% of our emails. This product is Apple’s pick for ‘Get Productive’ and for ‘Invaluable Utilities’- I certainly don’t know how I lived without it.

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